Björk – "All Is Full of Love" (1997)

"You'll be given love You'll be taken care of You'll be given love You have to trust it … Twist your head around It's all around you All is full of love All around you"

Bryan Adams – "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" (1991)

"Look into your heart – you will find There's nothin' there to hide. Take me as I am, take my life. I would give it all, I would sacrifice. Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for I can't help it, there's nothin' I want more You know it's true: Everything I do, I do it for you, oh, yeah. There's no love like your love And no other could give more love. There's nowhere unless you're there All the time, all the way, yeah."

Echo and the Bunnymen – "Lips Like Sugar" (1987)

"She'll be my mirror Reflect what I am A loser and a winner The King of Siam And my Siamese twin Alone on the river Mirror kisses Mirror kisses Lips like sugar Sugar kisses"

Rush – "Fly by Night" (1975)

"Start a new chapter Find what I'm after It's changing every day The change of a season Is enough of a reason To want to get away Quiet and pensive My thoughts apprehensive The hours drift away Leaving my homeland Playing a lone hand My life begins today"

Fatboy Slim – "Praise You" (1999)

"We've come a long, long way together Through the hard times, and the good I have to – celebrate you, baby I have to praise you like I should…"