David Bowie – "Underground" (1986)

Down in the underground
You'll find someone true.
Down in the underground
A land serene; A crystal moon.

Bruno Mars (feat. Cardi B) – "Finesse (Remix)" (2018)

Ooh, don't we look good together?
There's a reason why they watch all night long
Yeah, know we'll turn heads forever

Jack White – "I'm Shakin'" (2012)

"Yeah, when you touch my hand and talk sweet talk, I got a knockin' in my knees and a wobble in my walk, And I'm tremblin', That's right, you got me shakin'"

The Smashing Pumpkins – "Ava Adore" (1998)

In you I see dirty, In you I count stars, In you I feel so pretty, In you I taste god, In you I feel so hungry, In you I crash cars, We must never be apart