Morcheeba – "Gimme Your Love" (2013)

And then you'll see
Our love's here to last
We're gonna feel alive

Morcheeba – "The Sea" (1998)

"The sun is shining The Water's clear Just you and I walk along the pier"

Moloko – "The Time Is Now" (2000)

"You're the first thing, And the last thing on my mind, In your arms I feel, Sunshine"

Hooverphonic – "Renaissance Affair" (1998)

"People they want us to fall down, But we won't ever, Touch the ground, 'Cause we're perfectly balanced, We'll float around, 'Til noone is near, Do you hear this sound, … This strange feeling captures us, It generates this huge fuzz, I miss you all the time I must face, I miss your touch and your embrace"