Skeletal System – "Old Oceans" (2010)

Skeletal System

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Skeletal System is like the music playing in the back of your mind, brought to the surface to hear. It is an ever-present and introspective sound, apparent during the calm between busier times. Within this context, "Old Oceans" is aptly named, as though there is an endless ocean of thoughts and feelings floating back there, in my subconscious, waiting for their moment to rise to the surface. How better to describe that place we all have than in song? And what better song is to do so? It is even framed with a beat, not unlike our own beating hearts.

I commend Andy and Brian (who is an old friend of mine who has introduced me to many a band (e.g. Geneva) and usually had a music collection that put mine to shame), on their accomplishments thus far with their "Skeletal System EP". Whether you call their sound Shoegazing, or Nu-gaze, it is certainly a gaze inward and a gaze to be considered. Fans of the genre (e.g. Cocteau Twins or M83) should rejoice and (click here to download the Skeletal System EP for free while they can). I look forward to hearing more!

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