Night Surgeon – "Brick Moon" (2010)

I like new music and Night Surgeon is new music. Patrick Replogle of Night Surgeon emailed me regarding their upcoming album release, "Day for Night", due out in February 2011. Receiving such emails is one of the cooler things about running this blog. I give all submissions a listen and sometimes I put them on my "consider again later" list. And other times, I am drawn in and compelled to share as soon as I can, Night Surgeon being the latter!

Electronic with some new wave & synthpop darkness, Night Surgeon is right up my alley, er sewer tunnel, or where ever I happen to be crawling these days. During my first listen to Brick Moon I heard a blend of Depeche Mode, Wolfsheim and Cut Copy, all groups I have loved and listened to over and over, obsessively. It is the kind of music those of us tech types who like to where black (like myself … or Batman …whoever you think is cooler) are probably all listening to. Good for dancing, coding, skulking, brooding, or whatever you like to do,

I highly recommend you give Night Surgeon a listen. After listening to the other songs on Night Surgeon's MySpace page I'll certainly be awaiting the release of their full album, "Day for Night". February 2011. I'll be waiting.

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Night Surgeon

Night Surgeon

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