Alistair Oakes and The Myth – "He Better Take Care Of You" (2010)

I was fortunate enough to catch "Alistair Oakes and The Myth" performing the other night at a local venue known as "The Bug Jar". With a whiskey in hand, a loosened tie and pulled out dress shirt, this was no typical rock band. I likened their opening song "He Better Take Care Of You" to the sort of flavor harnessed by the likes of Stephen Merritt of The Magnetic Fields or Jens Lekman and I'd like to believe it may have broadened some horizons. Another piece, entitled "Wanderlust", was a spoken word song thanking (aparently members of the audience) for given a reason not to take all 300 pills, and other self diminishing acts of that ilk. Although not entirely local, with members hailing from NYC and San Francisco (and the drummer, who appeared to be freshly from the Apple Store and taking the shape of a new iPod Nano), I am happy to say that Rochester is not devoid of creative music.

Visit their bandcamp page for a listen!

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