Blackmill (feat. Veela) – "Let It Be" (2011)

"They both see the traps No fool, Oh oh They won’t go back No fool, Oh oh They’ve got a mind track No fool, Oh oh It’s all a mystery Let it come and let it be"

The xx – "VCR" (2009)

"I wanna find myself by the sea In anothers company By the sea I wanna go out to the pier I'm gonna dive and have no fear Cos you, you just know You just do Watch things on vcrs With me and talk about big love I think we're superstars You say you think we are the best thing And you, you just know You just do"

Fitz and The Tantrums – "Out Of My League" (2013)

"Forty days and forty nights I waited for a girl like you to come and save my life Recall the days I waited for you You know the ones who said, 'I'd never find someone like you.' … You were just the right kind Yeah, you are more than just a dream"

Blue Swede – "Hooked on a Feeling" (1974)

"All the good love When we're all alone Keep it up girl Yeah, you turn me on I'm hooked on a feeling I'm high on believing That you're in love with me"

Buke & Gase – "Page Break" (2010)

"Locked and shut away Maybe in a million years you'd stay"

Death Cab for Cutie – "Soul Meets Body" (2005)

"I want to live where soul meets body And let the sun wrap its arms around me And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing And feel, feel what its like to be new … And I cannot guess what we'll discover When we turn the dirt with our palms cupped like shovels But I know our filthy hands can wash one another's And not one speck will remain … And I do believe it's true That there are roads left in both of our shoes But if the silence takes you Then I hope it takes me too So brown eyes I hold you near Cause you're the only song I want to hear A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere" …over a calm ocean.

The Lightning Seeds – "Pure" (1989)

"Dreams of sights, of sleigh rides in seasons Where feelings not reasons, can make you decide As leaves pour down, splash autumn on gardens As colder nights harden, their moonlit delights And I love you Just lying smiling in the dark Shooting stars around your heart Dreams come bouncing in your head Pure and simple everytime Now you're crying in your sleep I wish you'd never learnt to weep Don't sell the dreams you should be keeping Pure and simple everytime Look at me with starry eyes Push me up to starry skies There's stardust in my head Pure and simple everytime Fresh and deep as oceans new Shiver at the sight of you I'll sing a softer tune Pure and simple over you"

James – "Just Like Fred Astaire" (1999)

"I believe in happiness I believe in love I believe she fell to earth From somewhere high above I believe in Hollywood Don't believe that love must bring despair 'Cause when I hold her in my arms I feel like Fred Astaire"

Tim Myers (feat. Lindsey Ray) – "Brand New Day" (2008)

"Oh oh oh oh This is a brand new day Oh oh oh oh And it's getting better every single way Oh oh oh oh This is brand new day Oh oh oh oh And I'm feeling better when you say La la la la la la la love La la la la la la la love La la la la la la la love"

Frou Frou – "Let Go" (2002)

"Such boundless pleasure We've no time for later Now you can't await your own arrival"

Zero 7 – "Destiny" (2001)

"The journey's long And it feels so bad I'm thinking back to the last day we had. Old moon fades into the new Soon I know I'll be back with you I'm nearly with you I'm nearly with you When I'm weak I draw strength from you And when you're lost I know how to change your mood And when I'm down you breathe life over me Even though we're miles apart we are each other's destiny"

Hooverphonic – "Mad About You" (2000)

"Trouble is my middle name But in the end I'm not too bad Can someone tell me if it's wrong to be So mad about you, mad about you, mad … Give me all your true hate And I'll translate it in your bed Into never seen passion That is why I am So mad about you, mad about you"

Big Data (feat. Joywave) – "Dangerous" (2013)

"You understand, I got a plan for us I bet you didn’t know that I was dangerous It must be fate, I found a place for us I bet you didn’t know someone could love you this much" …also, you want those shoes now, right?