Muse – "Resistance" (2009)

"Love is our resistance They'll keep us apart and they won't stop breaking us down Hold me Our lips must always be sealed"

Luscious Jackson – "Under Your Skin" (1996)

"lie down in the fire with me i burn everything frequently if it don't feel good when you first get in wait 'til it gets under your skin"

Eagles of Death Metal – "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)" (2006)

"I want you so hard I want you so good But can you trust me? Yes, you know, you could Trust your instincts and let me in"

RJD2 – "Smoke and Mirrors" (2002)

"Who knows what tomorrow will bring Maybe sunshine or maybe the rain But as for me, I'll wait and see And maybe it'll bring my love to me, oh…"

Faith No More – "Underwater Love" (1989)

"Hold me closer, keep me near I'll never get enough Touch me from below I'll never let you go"

David Bowie – "Heroes" (1977)

"We can be Heroes, for ever and ever What d'you say?"

Beck – "Think I'm in Love" (2006)

"Take a little picture in a photo booth Keep it in a locket and I think of you Both of our pictures, face to face … Really think I better get a hold of myself Don't wanna let the night get ahead of myself Whisperin' her love through a smoke ring smile … I think I'm in love, think I'm in love"

Phil Collins – "You'll Be In My Heart" (1999)

"Just take my hand Hold it tight … 'Cause you'll be in my heart Yes, you'll be in my heart From this day on Now and forever more"

MC Chris – "Nrrrd Grrrl" (2008)

"She's underneath my skin like a million nanobots"

Erasure – "Always" (1994)

"Open your eyes, I see Your eyes are open Wear no disguise for me Come into the open When it's cold outside Am I here in vain? Hold on to the night There will be no shame Always, I wanna be with you And make believe with you And live in harmony, harmony, oh love"

A-ha – "Take On Me" (1985)

"Talking away I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway Today is another day to find you Shying away I'll be coming for your love, okay? Take on me (take on me) Take me on (take on me) … So, needless to say, I'm odds and ends, but I'll be Stumbling away Slowly learning that life is okay Say after me "It's no better to be safe than sorry" … Oh, the things that you say Yeah, is it a life or just to play My worries away? You're all the things I've got to remember You're shying away I'll be coming for you anyway"

Aerosmith – "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" (1998)

"I don't wanna miss one smile I don't wanna miss one kiss Well, I just wanna be with you Right here with you, just like this I just wanna hold you close I feel your heart so close to mine And just stay here in this moment For the rest of time, yeah, yeah, yeah! Don't wanna close my eyes Don't wanna fall asleep 'Cause I'd miss you, baby And I don't wanna miss a thing"