Moloko – "Fun for Me" (1995)

"I dreamt that I was fast, I was never shutting up I was going in a hurry, I was giddy-up giddy-up I dream I'm in the park, I'm standing in the nudey I'm getting what I wanted, tootie fruity tootie fruity"

The Tossers – "Siobhan" (2007)

"Oh please be still my beating heart, she shimmers like a star. And in the din and dimmest light, she holds her court, you see. I wish for just one moment she would have a drink with me. In the pub she is the center, like a life-affirming sun"

King Diamond – "Halloween" (1985)

"Oh it's Halloween Every night to me is Halloween Like an ancient scene See you know just what I mean … Every night will be another evil scene Like in horror dreams I want I command you to scream Halloween, you are my pride Halloween, not just a dream""

Foo Fighters – "Everlong" (1997)

"And I wonder When I sing along with you If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again The only thing I'll ever ask of you You gotta promise not to stop when I say when she sang"

Cream – "Sunshine of Your Love" (1967)

"I've been waiting so long To be where I'm going In the sunshine of your love."

Tenacious D – "Dude (I Totally Miss You)" (2006)

"Totally miss the honesty And special times, and honestly I totally miss the fucked up thing ya do Dude, i totally miss you I totally miss you Dude, i totally miss you All the time"

Fitz and The Tantrums – "Out Of My League" (2013)

"Forty days and forty nights I waited for a girl like you to come and save my life Recall the days I waited for you You know the ones who said, 'I'd never find someone like you.' … You were just the right kind Yeah, you are more than just a dream"

Zero 7 – "Destiny" (2001)

"The journey's long And it feels so bad I'm thinking back to the last day we had. Old moon fades into the new Soon I know I'll be back with you I'm nearly with you I'm nearly with you When I'm weak I draw strength from you And when you're lost I know how to change your mood And when I'm down you breathe life over me Even though we're miles apart we are each other's destiny"