Zero 7 – "Destiny" (2001)

When I'm weak I draw strength from you
And when you're lost I know how to change your mood
And when I'm down you breathe life over me
Even though we're miles apart we are each other's destiny

Morcheeba – "Gimme Your Love" (2013)

And then you'll see
Our love's here to last
We're gonna feel alive

Lemon Jelly – "'75 AKA Stay With You" (2005)

"I want to stay with you For the rest of my life"

Wax Tailor (feat. ASM) – "Say Yes" (2009)

"Say Yes if you think that you should speak what you feel Say Yes for the artists still keeping it real Say Yes, and if you got the spirit stand tall and say Yes Yes Y'all… Yes Yes Y'all! Say No to the bloodsucking downpresser man Say No if you're ready for some Buckshackalang Say No if you're fed up and ready to brawl then say No Way Y'all… No Way Y'all"