Royal Blood – "Hook, Line & Sinker" (2017)

Then she drags me by one finger
To her lips, hook, line and sinker
Honey I'm a sucker, when you linger

Jack White – "I'm Shakin'" (2012)

"Yeah, when you touch my hand and talk sweet talk, I got a knockin' in my knees and a wobble in my walk, And I'm tremblin', That's right, you got me shakin'"

The Black Keys – "Fever" (2014)

You shook me like I've never been
Now show me how to live again

The Black Keys – "Everlasting Light" (2010)

"Let me be your everlasting light, I'll hold and never scold, In me you can confide, When no one's by your side, Let me be your everlasting light Oh baby, can't you see, It's shinin' just for you, Loneliness is over, Dark days are through, They're through"

Iggy Pop – "The Passenger" (1977)

"We'll see the stars that shine so bright Stars made for us tonight"

The Black Keys – "Your Touch" (2006)

"And I want And you got it So much I'm crazy for Your touch"

The Black Keys – "Howlin' For You" (2010)

"Mockingbird Can't you see Little girl's Got a hold on me Like glue Baby I'm howlin' for you"

The Outsiders – "Time Won't Let Me" (1966)

"Can't you see I've waited too long To love you To hold you in my arms"

The White Stripes – "The Hardest Button to Button" (2003)

"I had opinions That didn't matter I had a brain That felt like pancake batter I got a backyard With nothing in it Except a stick A dog And a box with something in it The hardest button to button"

Eagles of Death Metal – "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)" (2006)

"I want you so hard I want you so good But can you trust me? Yes, you know, you could Trust your instincts and let me in"