Peter Murphy – "I'll Fall With Your Knife" (1995)

With a broken wing you sail, Oh like winter in July, A barren river wide, I'll pray for the flood, To wash on you, It's here, I'll stay with you

Nine Inch Nails – "Dead Souls" (1994)

"The figures from the past stand tall And mocking voices ring the hall Imperialistic house of prayer Conquistadors who took their share"

Concrete Blonde – "Bloodletting (the Vampire song)" (1990)

Check out more Halloween selections here! "There's a crack in the mirror And a bloodstain on the bed Oh, you were a vampire And baby, I'm the walking dead … I'm gonna have a drink and walk around I got a lot to think about Oh, yeah"

Type O Negative – "Be My Druidess" (1996)

"Be my druidess Be my everything Be my druidess Be mine."

Type O Negative – "Love You To Death" (1996)

"Now close those eyes and let me love you to death."

Peter Murphy – "I'll Fall With Your Knife" (1995)

"Well if the birds Can reach the sky To this land I'll be with you Till the sun bursts from your side With my hands I reach to you When you think your chance is passing by When you blow your moon away I'll bleed like the reed Fall with your knife It's here I'll be with you To the crowd To the world You were so dry And with a token bird I made Sent it to fly Right to your side With a broken wing you sail Oh like winter in July A barren river wide I'll pray for the flood To wash on you It's here, I'll stay with you It's here, I'll be with you I'll fall."

The Cure – "Just Like Heaven" (1987)

And threw her arms around my neck Show me how you do it And I promise you I promise that I'll run away with you … Strange as angels Dancing in the deepest oceans Twisting in the water You're just like a dream