Snap! – "The Power" (1990)

So peace, stay off my back
Or I will attack and you don't want that

I've got the power!

Digital Underground – "The Humpty Dance" (1990)

"First I limp to the side like my leg was broken Shakin' and twitchin' kinda like I was smokin' Crazy wack funky People say ya look like M.C. Hammer on crack, Humpty That's all right 'cause my body's in motion It's supposed to look like a fit or a convulsion Anyone can play this game This is my dance, y'all, Humpty Hump's my name No two people will do it the same Ya got it down when ya appear to be in pain Humpin', funkin', jumpin', jig around, shakin' ya rump, and when the dude a chump pump points a finger like a stump tell him step off, I'm doin' the Hump."

69 Boyz – "Tootsee Roll" (1994)

"Grab a partner and get on the dance FLO', And work them hips a lil' bit, Then do that dip a lil' bit, Oh yeah, you got it, now whip, baby, no buts about it, … Cotton candy, sweetie, go, Let me see the Tootsee Roll! … To the left! To the left! To the right! To the right! To the front! To the front! To the back! To the back! Dip, baby, dip! Dip, baby, dip! Dip, baby, dip! Dip, baby, dip!"

Technotronic – "Pump Up The Jam" (1989)

"While your feet are stomping, And the jam is pumping, Look ahead, the crowd is jumpin'"

The Black Eyed Peas – "I Gotta Feeling" (2009)

"Let's paint the town, We'll shut it down, Let's burn the roof, And then we'll do it again"

The Chemical Brothers – "Go" (2015)

"Get together and we building a fire Clear smoke and it's taking us higher Hands up, everyone is one If you see yourself making it You're seeing the sun Metropolis on the edge of control They take our money, but they won't take our soul Fuck that, ain't gon' do it no mo' Won't do what we told and we ain't gonna fold We go"


Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch – "Good Vibrations" (1991)

[dailymotion xksvz] "Yo it's about that time To bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme I'm a get mine so get yours I wanna see sweat comin' out your pores On the house tip is how I'm swinging this Strictly hip hop boy I ain't singing this Bringing this to the entire nation Black, white, red, brown Feel the vibration"

Deee-Lite – "Groove Is in the Heart" (1990)

"The chills that you spill up my back Keep me filled with satisfaction when we're done Satisfaction of what's to come I couldn't ask for another No, I couldn't ask for another … Groove is in the heart"