Ledinsky – "DonaldTrumpMakesMeWannaSmokeCrack" (2016)

Middle finger in the air
If you're feeling like I do

Franz Ferdinand – "Demagogue" (2016)

He's a demagogue
Throwing terminal shade

Death Cab For Cutie – "Million Dollar Loan" (2016)

Call your father on the phone and get that
Million dollar loan

OK Go – "The One Moment" (2016)

"Open your arms to me,
And this will be,
The one moment that matters"

Arcade Fire – "The Suburbs" (2010)

"Kids wanna be so hard But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard And all of the walls that they built in the seventies finally fall And all of the houses they build in the seventies finally fall Meant nothin' at all Meant nothin' at all It meant nothin … So can you understand? Why I want a daughter while I'm still young I wanna hold her hand And show her some beauty Before this damage is done But if it's too much to ask, it's too much to ask Then send me a son … In my dreams we're still screamin' We're still screamin'"

Franz Ferdinand – "This Fire" (2004)

"Now, there is a fire within me A fire that burns … Oh, how I burn for you Burn, oh how I burn for you"

Silversun Pickups – "Lazy Eye" (2007)

"I've been waiting I've been waiting for this moment all my life … I said we relate it's so fun to relate it's the room the sun and the sky"