Bad Lip Reading – "Bushes of Love" (2016)

"I used to ride, Across the desert. You know, I used to glide, On my speeder. Pray that I don't find, What I don't wanna find. Waitin' for me 'round the corner, Oh no, no. … 49 times, yeah it was 49 times. And now it might be waiting for you. Could hiding behind that scrap pile. -That's just a big cow. I know you really want someone to hold you, But we all got a Chicken-Duck-Woman thing, Waiting for us. Every day I worry all day. About what's waiting in the bushes of love. Cause something's waiting in the bushes for us. Something's waiting in the bushes of love."


SerguĂ©i Prokofiev – "Peter and the Wolf" (1936)

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