The Lonely Island – "Like a Boss" (2009)

"Meet a giant fish (like a boss) Fuck his brains out (like a boss) Turn into a jet (like a boss) Bomb the Russians (like a boss) Crash into the Sun (like a boss) Now I'm dead (like a boss) Uh huh. So that's an… average day for you then. No doubt."

Tegan and Sara (feat. The Lonely Island) – "Everything is Awesome" from "The Lego Movie" (2014)

"Blue skies, bouncy springs We just named two awesome things A Nobel prize, a piece of string You know what's awesome-everything Trees, frogs, clogs they're awesome Rocks, clocks and socks they're awesome Figs and jigs and twigs that's awesome Everything you see or think or say is awesome" Check out the in movie version too…

The Lonely Island (feat. Michael Bolton) – "Jack Sparrow" (2011)

"Then you can call me Scarface. Snortin' mountains of cocaine. (Andy: Close enough) … This is the tale of Tony Montana (This is the tale!) Cubano flame, with the Miami nuts. (Andy: Take it home!) Got a basehead wife, But her womb is polluted This whole town's a…" …well you can just sing along yourself. lol!